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Excited to buy a Piano as a Beginner – Digital Piano Artesia Performer

Wow wow wow!!!

Today marked my first day with the Digital Piano Artesia Performer.

I have searched a lot about which piano that I should buy and I could afford to buy as a beginner. There are many good piano out there from famous brands like Bösendorfer, Steinway & Sons, Kawai, Yamaha, etc. It would be over the moon if we could have/ play on an acoustic piano from one of those brands. However, the fact is that I am only a beginner and I could not afford such piano. Then I searched a lot, watched many review videos, and finally I found the piano that suits me best – A Digital Piano Artesia Performer. It fits my goals and needs as I only want to play to relax after long days with work. It is also a very less costly option. 

Now, let’s see what we have with this piano. 

Compact and simple

As the first impression, the piano is compact, less than 10 kilograms. So, you could easily setup it at any where in your house (it really suits my small room) and you could also take it to other places. Plus, this piano has cell batteries, so you could play it without charging for some time. It is ideal when you play it outside, you will not have to deal with the problem when you are not near a power source.

Touch and sound

It is equipped with 88 touch sensitive and full-size keys.

As I read, for a beginner, 61/ 66 keys are sufficient for learning. But having 88 keys are still better, right?

In addition, the touch sensitivity is an important function. Touch sensitivity is designed to replicate how you would play on an acoustic piano. When you press the key harder, the sound is louder and when you press the key softer, the sound is lighter.

Besides, the piano has 3D sound samples recorded from acoustic instruments for you to choose.


A function that could not be lacked for beginners is Metronome. This function helps you in practicing the piano. It produces the sounds at the regular interval that can be set by you, typically in beats per minute. It helps you keep a consistent tempo. Most metronomes are capable of playing beats from 35 to 250 BPM.

The piano also has Transpose function for playing in difficult keys. 

For a beginner like me, that is all for today. Let me be back to you in another post to update my progress with the piano lessons.

Have fun!