Calming & Relaxing (part 6)

This photo was taken inBulguksa Temple – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gyeongju, South Korea.

As introduced, Bulguksa Temple, built in 528, is a representative relic of Buddhist culture from the Silla Kingdom.

You would not be regretted if you visit Bulguksa Temple. It is as if the you are leaving the earthly realm behind you and stepping into a new world with peacefulness and exceptionally charm.

The temple roof, the bough and leaves imprinted on the sky left a great impression on me.


Calming & Relaxing (part 5)

The plan with my friends that day was to visit Haneul Park (Sky Park) – one of the most popular parks in Seoul with 291 steps to the top and a beautiful field of silver grass in the fall. This is the perfect place for you to admire the beauty of Seoul.

It was quite hard for us to find a way to Haneul Park (maybe it was because that we were not really good at directions). However, luckily, on our lost going there, we found these charming views. Korea in fall is absolutely stunning, isn’t it?

Fairy tale

Calming & Relaxing (part 4)

When I was a child, I was so in love with Andersen’s and Grimms’ fairy tales. As I read these stories, I always imagined of a place with full of trees and flowers. 

When I came here, in Nami Island, it seemed like I had a chance to be back to childhood with the fairy tales and my imagination.

Close your eyes and get a ticket to your childhood with happy memories!