Blue sky

Calming & Relaxing (part 3)

I woke up early that day to take a flight to Taiwan. It was a business trip and I was a little bit nervous, worrying that I would not do well.

When the plane was about to land, I looked out of the window, searching for something that could calm me down.

And yes, what should I be waiting for? 

The sky was still blue. The white clouds were still drifting. In the end, everything will be at its right place.

Just try our best and every thing will be alright.


Calming & Relaxing (part 1)

This photo was taken in the early morning at one of the well-known Vietnam national tourist sites – Lăng Cô beach.

This was when the sun had not yet come and the moon had not yet gone.

The transition time between the moon and the sun.

I was alone at that time and this view made me feel a little bit lonely though it was beautiful.

Nevertheless, by some ways, looking at this view made me feel at ease and relaxed.